Sulco Warehousing and Logistics – WMS

After about 10 years of use, Sulco Warehousing and Logistics concluded that it had hit the wall with its third-party logistics (3PL) solution. Sulco had conscientiously installed updates as they were released but as a new decade loomed it became apparent that the system was inadequately configurable to customer requirements as they continued to evolve.

Most immediately, Sulco’s largest customers had adopted procedures that threatened to impose dramatically higher labor costs and more complex record-keeping on the company. RF-driven warehouse processes offered a promising solution but the software provider had no plans to upgrade Sulco’s version of the software with the capability.

With Lisa Vignato tasked as the implementation project manager, Vice President Tim Amalfa reluctantly searched for a replacement. With that initial reluctance replaced by renewed optimism, he oversaw the cutover to HighJump One 3PL in mid-2009. Initially, the implementation involved the two largest customers, Boise Cascade Paper Company and International Paper Company. These were followed closely by a third — New Page Paper Company, formerly MeadWestvaco — the leading producer of coated papers for printing and publishing. Other customers, meanwhile, were entering the transition process and were being implemented as rapidly as resources would allow.

Sulco Warehousing and Logistics – WMS

Emma Morris: