Infographic – 4 Key Pillars of Supply Chain Strategy

It is always important to understand the link between strategy and the supply chain. Several questions need to be asked, analysed and understood and they include: What performance level must your business achieve to be competitive? What systems will your organization use to have the right data to drive right decisions? What level of development team is required to achieve desired results?

To answer all of those questions and to develop a brilliant supply chain strategy there are 4 pillars to focus on. These pillars are:


People are the most important asset and they can be recognized by standard organizational structures in place with defined roles and responsibilities.


Focused on to leverage the use of standard systems by building core processes around them and training the people to use them effectively.

Core Processes

To deliver the best possible information for the business – based on sound analysis and consensus planning. A pointer that allows for planning and delivering of results profitably.


To deliver the product on time by making full use of people, systems, models and planning tools. This maximizes profit and customer satisfaction.

See the infographic below to learn more on what to focus on when creating Supply Chain strategy for your organization:

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Source: muddassirism