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Warehouse and distribution centers rely on warehouse software to increase operational efficiency, the timeline of information management. Dovetail’s warehouse software management solutions comprise accounting software, inventory systems and track and trace technology.
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Transport companies need to ensure efficiency, profitability and cost awareness regarding transport management. Our Transport Management Systems (TMS) which can be customised to serve individual business requirements and assist businesses in reducing costs and boosting business revenue.
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Third Party Logistics

Dovetail offers 3PL business owners flexible and agile 3PL software solutions that can handle varying degrees of automation within a single facility. As every 3PL facility comprises unique key performance indicators set by customers,  Dovetail ensure a customised software solution for every client.
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Dovetail can tailor-make a solution that suits you, helping you streamline your business, from the boardroom to the engine room, placing you ahead of your competitors.

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More than 10 Million transactions are processed by Dovetail’s software monthly.


As part of its effort to ensure it meets the needs of the entire logistics and supply chain industry, from courier to road freight to distribution to warehousing, Dovetail not only writes its own software but sources best of breed product from around the world too.The company is constantly enhancing its range, which is stable, with functionally rich applications that allow its customers to integrate and collaborate with their business partners and customers. Dovetail’s strong global partnerships also allow it to provide excellent, ongoing support and to make sure its solutions help its customers to manage revenue and reduce costs by driving efficiencies.

Solutions Set

Dovetail’s solution set has been tailor-made to handle the challenges faced by logistics and supply chain players in the South African market, and is functionally rich and robust. Providing an end-to-end solution for the entire logistics and supply chain industry, Dovetail can custom make solutions to meet any company’s specific needs and enable it to be more responsive, more reliable, more economical and, ultimately, highly competitive. Dovetail’s solutions include courier services, road transport, bulk / full truckloads, third-party logistics (3PL), and standard warehousing and distribution centres, as well as special loads, projects or contract work.