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Are you looking for a comprehensive Fleet Management Software Solution that will drive you forward? Do you have complete visibility over your fleet management processes? If not, why not?

Dovetail has the technology to provide you with optimal fleet management and visibility. Make the impossible happen, take fleet management to the next level, increase visibility over fleet management, have full control over driver behavior and optimise your fleet for success.


Our Fleet Management Software Allows you to:

  1. Control vehicle service costs and service intervals
  2. Record all trip-related costs
  3. Manage vehicle fuel consumption
  4. Record  driver behaviour
  5. Record vehicle incidents, accidents and traffic fines
  6. Manage vehicle leases
  7. Integrate and comply with AARTO


Dovetail’s Fleet Management Software will help you to take control of your vehicle fleet, enabling you to track costs accurately, monitor vehicle use and pinpoint problem areas. Our Fleet Management Solution provides total cost consolidation and detailed reporting, which means less administration work for you. You will now also be able to make sound business decisions based on the correct information through integrated reports that have taken the entire fleet management process into consideration.


The Benefits of our Fleet Management Software

  1. Detailed Cost Management, including expenses such as lease agreements, general vehicle repairs, vehicle parts, replacements, tyres, fuel, permits, breakdowns, accidents and insurance claims
  2. Fuel Management – uploading fuel files from external systems, such as banks
  3. Monitoring kilometres travelled and integrating data with vehicle tracking systems
  4. Managing roadworthy certificates and driver permits
  5. AARTO Management – link to AARTO codes
  6. Tracking driver incidents and traffic offences
  7. Tracking vehicle disposal options
  8. Detailed reporting at cost centre, vehicle and driver levels


Move your Fleet Forward. Contact Dovetail today and see how our Fleet Management Software Solution can give you a sustainable competitive advantage, full control, excellent  visibility and best of all, cost reductions.


View our Fleet Management Software video below:

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